Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder management is a strategy to establish networks in urban, suburban and rural communities. The strategy includes principles of stakeholder participation and stakeholder engagement.

Stakeholder Participation

Facilitate: make an action or process easy or easier; help bring about; to bring into a common action; to bring to a state free of conflicts; bring in to a relationship; aid, implement, ease, expedite, further, help, promote, simplify, speed

Administrate: manage and be responsible for the running of a business, organization, etc.; to manage or supervise the execution, use, or conduct of; to provide or apply: dispense; to give officially; to give remedially; to manage affairs; to furnish a benefit; to carry out, conduct, direct, executive, govern, oversee, supervise

Communicate: share or exchange information, news, or ideas; to convey knowledge of or information about; make known; advertise, broadcast, connect, contact, convey, correspond, disclose, disseminate, get across, get through, impart, interact, inform, pass on, publicize, reach out, relate, reveal, suggest, tell, transfer, transmit, write

Coordinate: different elements of a complex activity or organization that will ensure efficiency or harmony; to be or become equal in rank, quality, or significance, especially so as to act or work together well; to bring into a common movement, or condition; to put in the same order or rank; to bring to a state free of inconsistencies, or differences; adapt, tune, blend, combine, connect, correlate, dovetail, fit, fuse, join, match, merge, pair, square, suit, synchronize, synthesize, unify, unite, align, arrange, array, balance, equalize, even, order, proportion, regularize, standardize, integrate, orchestrate

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Assessment

Neighborhood - residents of a neighborhood; Resident-service in a community; Faith-faith service location; Small business location; Corporate location; Government-town, city, county, state, federal government

Urban, Suburban, Rural:
Individuals, groups, organizations and business partnerships; Community, faith and business leader agreements;
Programs, projects, ministries and initiatives;
Coalitions, collaboratives and networks;
Situations, opportunities and events;
Agency, institution and corporate outcomes

Stakeholder Communication

Roundtable Discussion --
Communicate to urban, suburban, rural stakeholders; Communicate approaches to urban, suburban and rural partnerships

Development Session --
Resolve conflicts for each category of stakeholders; Resolve conflicts for outcomes, solutions and best practices; Resolve conflicts on stakeholder relationships

Summit --
Stakeholder communication in projects, programs, ministries, initiatives, coalitions and collaborations and networks

Conference --
Stakeholder participation in projects, programs, ministries, initiatives, coalitions and collaborations and networks

Stakeholder Development

What to measure in a stakeholder scope of work How to measure a stakeholder scope of work Where each measure is used in a stakeholder scope of work

Communicate, collect, circulate data Identify and categorize data Quantitative, qualitative measures for data Data in programs, projects, ministries, initiatives, coalitions, collaboratives, and networks