African Diaspora Indigenous Kingdoms And Our Commitment To 

Stakeholder Development

Stakeholder Management

Roundtable  Discussion:
Communicate to urban, suburban, rural stakeholders,
Communicate approaches to urban, suburban and rural partnerships

Development  Session:
Identify each category of stakeholders to plan, develop, evaluate and analyze solutions and best practices in stakeholder relationships

Stakeholder communication projects, programs, ministries, initiatives

Stakeholder participation in coalitions, collaborations, networks

Stakeholder Engagement

Facilitate: make an action or process easy or easier; help bring about; to bring into a common action; to bring in to a relationship; aid, implement, ease, expedite, further, help, promote, simplify, speed

Administrate: manage and be responsible for the running of a business, organization, etc.; to manage or supervise the execution, use, or conduct of; to provide or apply: dispense; to give officially; to give remedially; to manage affairs; to furnish a benefit; to carry out, conduct, direct, executive, govern, oversee, supervise

Communicate: share or exchange information, news, or ideas; to convey knowledge of or information about; make known; advertise, broadcast, connect, contact, convey, correspond, disclose, disseminate, get across, get through, impart, interact, inform, pass on, publicize, reach out, relate, reveal, suggest, tell, transfer,transmit,write

Coordinate: different elements of a complex activity or organization that will ensure efficiency or harmony; to be or become equal in rank, quality, or significance, especially so as to act or work together well; to bring into a common movement, or condition; to put in order or rank; to bring to a state free of inconsistencies, or differences

Stakeholder Assessment
Neighborhood residents in a community, Faith location, Small business Government = town, city department, county department, state department, federal division, corporate division

Urban, Suburban, Rural Stakeholders:
individuals, groups, organizations, business, corporate
community, faith and business leader agreements
programs, projects, ministries and initiatives
coalitions, collaboratives and networks

What to measure in a stakeholder scope of work
How to measure a stakeholder scope of work
Where each measure is used in a stakeholder scope of work

Communicate, collect, circulate, identify and categorize data
Quantitative, qualitative measures for data in programs, projects, ministries, initiatives, coalitions, collaboratives, networks

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