Master Consultant
Human Rights, Conflict Management, and Public Policy Communication

Chairman Bartell is a master consultant in human rights, conflict management and public policy communication with ​local, national, international and global stakeholders.

Chairman Bartell….

Consults on scopes of work that communicate, collect and circulate data to human rights and conflict management stakeholders

Delivers situational conflict management strategies with roundtable discussions, development sessions, ​summits and conferences

Mediates core values of neighborhood, community, faith and small business leaders in human rights strategies

Facilitates, communicates, administrates, and coordinates with agencies, businesses, organizations and corporations on conflict resolution and human rights outcomes

Delivers conflict management strategies for individuals, businesses, agencies, and organizations

Engages capacity-building strategies with urban, suburban and rural stakeholders on human rights advocacy

Empowers programs, projects, ministries, coalitions, initiatives and networks with human rights policy measures

Manages communication strategies with organizations and institutions on human rights policy and conflict management