About Our Chairman And The WHRN

Chairman Al Bartell is a global human rights advocate who supports World Human Rights scopes of work in the 21st century. ​

Currently, around the world, we have not developed our capacity as human beings to govern with any marked effectiveness -- from the context of world human rights. ​

The intention of the World Human Rights Network (WHRN) is to build ​a communications framework inside a ​ new commitment to world human rights. ​

Read about how Chairman Bartell utilizes a Conflict Management Model below.

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Utilizing A Conflict Management Model

Inside his commitment to address local to global human rights issues, particularly violence, Chairman Al Bartell utilizes a Conflict Management model to:

Facilitate, communicate, administrate and coordinate conflict resolution strategies in urban, suburban and rural communities;

Plan and develop conflict engagement strategies with local, regional, national, international and global stakeholders;

Evaluate and analyze conflict assessment models in projects, programs, ministries, initiatives, organizations, associations, coalitions, collaborations and networks;

Deliver situational conflict management strategies with:

roundtable discussions
development sessions

Deliver conflict management strategies to:

communicate data
collect data 
circulate data

Deliver conflict management strategies for: