A New Commitment In The 21st Century

The World Human Rights Network got created by those of us who are stakeholders of human rights.

 As stakeholders, we look at human rights data, and how we communicate human rights data, collect human rights data – and distribute human rights data.

Human rights include the opportunity for human beings – and the spirit of human being – to be free, uncontrolled, and as one of our mentors used to say, “unbossed and unbought”. We have a human right to live in a decent place, to be safe and free from violence. Some of the more sophisticated human rights ideals include not having to worry about political persecution – and not having to worry about being harmed because of what we believe, how we look, the color of our skin, or what we say.

Those of us who champion those rights are called stakeholders of human rights. So, in June 2018, when the American President communicated he had withdrawn from the United Nations Human Rights Council, we were collectively concerned.

Just because the American President withdrew our human rights commitment to the United Nations Human Rights Council, we saw, did not mean the American people had withdrawn their commitment to human rights – and we saw that somebody needed to say that.

So we established, as stakeholders, the World Human Rights Network, and we went to pick a Chairman to voice that communication, and say that to the world. So, I got established as the Chairman of the newly formed World Human Right Network, to say to the world – “America has not withdrawn its commitment to human rights."

We thought it was fitting to deliver that communication on the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on Dec. 10, 2018.

The World Human Rights Network is excited to continue its work in communicating “A New Commitment In The 21st Century” --and that the time is right

for a human rights communication to come
from the American people. ​



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