Chairman AL BARTELL: A Human Rights Approach

Plan. Develop. Evaluate. Analyze: Scopes of Work That Impact Human Rights In The 21st Century

Roundtable Discussion Series

Exploring an Independent Movement that Offers Alternative Models to the Current Divisive Social and Political Model

Spring Roundtable: April 16, 2024​

Atlanta, GA

About the Event​

Are you dissatisfied with the current social and political models for diversity and governance? Have you wondered how alternative models can take hold? This roundtable discussion series is where we explore and do the work together.

In this series, we consider a human rights approach to diversity that offers alternative models to the current social and political governance model and its context of “otherness”/”enemies”/violence.

Roundtable Overview

Visit this event page often for updates.

08:45 AM​

Introduction & Opening

Moderator: Carrie L. Williams

09:00 AM​

Current Models

Speakers: Diversity Leaders, Human Rights Leaders

9:30 AM​

What’s Missing

Speakers: Nonprofit Leaders, Corporate Foundation Leaders, Governance Leaders

10:15 AM​

Alternative Models, Media Q+A​

Moderator: Carrie L. Williams

10:45 AM​

Stakeholder Experience

Speaker: Chairman, World Human Rights Network

11:00 AM​


There will be an opportunity for a group photo and brief networking


Debriefing Lunch, Next Steps​

Invitees: Sponsors, Organizing Team, Partners

05:00 PM​

Spring Event Conclusion

A summary report will be sent to roundtable participants, partners, and sponsors.

Note: Our Spring Roundtable 2024 discussion format will consist of a moderator, critical stakeholders, and human rights leadership who will dialog interactively with each other without a panel or guest speakers.

Meet our Stakeholders​

Our stakeholders include well-established leaders committed to having an impact on citizen participation.

Join the roundtable discussion series and take the next step to making a difference, where your viewpoint and your voice is heard and included.

About the Organizers​

We are team of collaborators from across the U.S. with a base in Atlanta, GA. Having organized 60+ roundtable discussions over the past twenty years, we understand the importance of this issue. We have partnered with several leaders with diverse backgrounds who bring their unique experiences and advocacy reference points to this critical conversation.

Join the roundtable discussion series and get a chance to meet us.

Our Sponsors​

We welcome new sponsors. For more information, contact: Carrie L. Williams,

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