What Is The Citizen Leadership Network?

“This vengeance of the two-party system conflicts with the principle of the freedom for everybody to be heard. With vengeance-based party politics, the nation’s political system no longer makes available the opportunity to resolve conflict. The American public is now clear about that — and they are beginning to look for ways to participate that can resolve conflict.” — Al Bartell

What would happen in America, if the extreme divisiveness of governance was somehow neutralized, no longer a reality? What if we as Americans could simply govern our country from a nonpartisan/bipartisan work approach on life-critical public policy issues that impact all of us?  

The Citizen Leadership Network is a part of an movement, beginning inside the No Labels open participation community, propelled by the verifiable existence of diverse, cross-country citizens/leaders like yourself, — a movement that is opening a viable pathway for a new age in American public policy. 

It is now a human rights issue.

Live Online Sessions

Roundtable discussions are a place where we focus on what we want our citizen participation to impact, especially as it relates to the 2024 presidential elections.


January 2024

The Citizen Leadership Network will be holding a series of roundtable discussions that can inform a process for citizen participation in the presidential candidate selection for November 2024.


February 2024

Preparations will be underway to formally present the data from the participation of citizens and leaders in the January roundtable discussions to the No Labels Convention committee and to the media/general public.


March 2024

The Citizen Leadership Network will be in attendance at the No Labels Convention in Dallas, Texas.


April 2024

A public report on the participation happening with the Citizens Leadership Network will be distributed, coming out of the January – April 2024 quarter.

Some of our values

Diverse voices make the difference

What could be possible if participation was derived from a context of human rights, such that the American general population were free to participate fully, with or without a party label?

We work together to find solutions

What if there were opportunities for participating in a nationwide citizen-led, without-party-consequences framework, with a nonpartisan, collaborative approach?

Your ideas and participation matter

What if there was a citizen participation process — a meaningful way — for citizen-voters/citizen- leaders to select a U.S. President nominee?

Communication and network management are key in expanding and sustaining a participatory citizens leadership network that can resolve issues and situational conflict.”

Al Bartell, Citizens Leadership Network

No Labels is a national movement of people who believe in America and in bringing our leaders together to solve our toughest problems…”

No Labels
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